All the news that’s fit to post on the web and print at your leisure if you so desire, not that we recommend it, because DBI is about a greener, more sustainable world, but if you want to go ahead and do that, be my guest, it’s not me you have to answer to, you’ll just be a disgrace in the eyes of God

Hey all, good to see you, hope you’re having a pleasant Easter/Passover/Pagan Rite of Spring. Death By Improv has been very active as of late, so active we’ve barely had time to do anything with our internet website.

First of all, we did have auditions several weeks back, and are thrilled to have three new members on the team: Ryan (henceforth known as “Smith), Ryan (henceforth known as “Doc”), and Kate, (henceforth known as “Kate”). They’ve all passed the initiation and came through with flying colors, and the bruises fromt the blanket party we threw for them are healing nicely.

In addition, DBI is working on a long-form project with several of our former students: Jen, Deena, and Sujit. If you come to our 4/19 show at the Main Street Theatre in Parlin, you’ll be able to see the fruits of our labor, and not of our loins, that’d be weird.

We’re still doing monthly shows at To Be Continued… Bookstore Boutique in Metuchen, the last Thursday of every month, at 7:30pm. That means our next show there will be on April 25. It’s five dollars, and I highly recommend you check the store out. It’s really, really cool.

We’ve been more active on Twitter lately, trying to fill the void left by the sudden retirement of Pope Benedict XVI. Stop by sometime for fruit snacks and juice.

Also, we’ve uploaded a few of our recent shows to the YouTube, which you can reach by clicking the link right on top of this page. It’s fun when it’s fun!

Okay, hope to see you all at our next few shows! Unless you’re reading this in the year 2398, in which case, enjoy your flying car and pass the Soylent Green.

New Members, More Shows, and Classes!

Hey Everyone. DBI Auditions were a blast! We had some awesome people come out, and we’ve decided to add 3 new members to our roster. Who? Well, come out to shows and find out!

We have TWO SHOWS next week.

Thursday February 28th – at To Be Continued … Bookstore, Boutique & Cafe
Doors at 7:00 with Show at 7:30.
Facebook Event: HERE

Friday March 1st – at Main St. Theater at Garden Friends
Doors at 7:30 with Show at 8:00
Facebook Event: HERE

And we’ve (finally) scheduled our next improv class.


In 8-weeks you will be guided through the basic building blocks of improv comedy, skills that can be applied onstage in a comedy show or in many other areas of creative expression. Agreement. Spontaneity. Listening. Character. Environment. Trust. Support. Focus. Playfulness.

More advances students will have these fundamentals reinforced and built upon. The class is fluid in design and customized to meet the specific experience and skill levels of the students.

Click HERE for full class details and to register.

DBI Audtions

Death By Improv is holding open auditions! We are looking to expand our cast by a couple of members.

Think you’re an improv pro? Haven’t done improv in a while? Never done improv, but have always wanted to try it out? ANY EXPERIENCE LEVEL WELCOME. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Are you funny? Do you ‘click’ with DBI? Do you have good energy on stage? and most importantly, are you fun to watch and play with?

Tuesday, February 12
Main Street Theater
3018 Bordentown Ave
Parlin, NJ

Wear comfortable clothes.

If asked to come be a part of DBI, please know going in that we have our rehearsal workshops on Tuesday evenings. shows on some Thursdays and Fridays.

(This post copied almost verbatim from a post in 2010. Go look it up!)

As promised, actual DBI news!

Y’know whats awesome: local businesses. There’s something really cool about discovering a one of a kind, not another like it, honest to god unique establishment, whether it be a store, restaurant, boutique, taxidermist, crematory, urologist, or brothel. They have their own unique flavor, something that cannot be duplicated by a big box store, chain restaurant, nationwide botique, mass market taxidermist, mall crematory, McUrologist…okay, any old brothel is still cool. DBI is proud to support local businesses. In fact, we’re going to be performing in one.

On January 31, DBI will he holding it’s first show at To Be Continued in Metuchen. To Be Continued is an independent bookstore and cafe which is a strong supporter of local arts. DBI fits that bill, because we’re local, and I work with a guy named Art, so they’re letting us in to act stupid in the first of what will hopefully be a monthly gig.

Here’s all the important info:

To Be Continued…431 Main St
Metuchen, NJ

Thursday January 31, 7:30pm $5.00


Death By Improv Is Still A Thing

Wow, it’s depressing how little has been going on here in our section of the tubes. Contrary to what the website might indicate, DBI is still going strong. Here’s what’s been going down in DBI-land. And, as a sign of maturity, we’ve done a little bit of good for the world.

First, we’ve had a couple of really super cool awesome fun time shows, and we’ve done some good for our world. Our October show, as mentioned, was a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, it was a ton of fun, and we raised money for an awesome cause. The video for our October show can be found right here:

Hurricane Sandy hit in late October, and, like most people in the area, we know quite a few people who were affected, including our own Chris Brown. Our November show we converted into a fundraiser for Cee Bron and Co. We filmed it too. Maybe we’ll upload it someday.

Speaking of Hurricane Sandy, our friends Tom Monteiro and Josh Yepez (late of DBI) from the awesome horror punk band Monster Rat are putting together a benefit show for Sayreville-based Sandy relief. Yours truly, along with Cee Bron and J.Yepz, will be performing as Lightning Bolts Of Pain. It’s on December 22 at Buddie’s Tavern in Sayrevile. All the details are right here:

Speaking of Sandy Relief, Armando Diaz, one of the co-founders of the Magnet Theater and one of the preeminent improv teachers in the country, held a 24 hour teaching marathon to benefit the American Red Cross. DBI was privileged enough to have won two hours of Armando’s time. We are all extremely grateful for has time and encouragement. It was an honor.

Stay tuned to this site. We hope to have info on new shows and possibly some new faces in the troupe before too long.


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