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Show dates update

So yeah, our August 1 show is now August 2. Everything else I wrote last week is still true. Except Doc, Jimmy, and Brown are also doing the Canadian fantasy team, not just Tim. 

Fantasy Football 2014

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time looking through the magazine rack at the supermarket, reading about hot sex tips in Cosmo, checking out the review of the latest explosive shmup for XBox One in Electronic Gaming Monthly, finding out who the number 6 contender to the WWE World Championship is in Pro Wrestling Illustrated, and hoping against all logic that Shop Rite has decided to listen to your letters and started carrying Black Tail. But we’ve reached the time of year where the fantasy football preview magazines have come out, and it’s unanimous, you’re stupid if you don’t draft Jamaal Charles first, unless you listen to the one editor who says you should sell your family into slavery if it can land you LeSean McCoy.

Inevitably i end up buying one of these magazines every year, and it spends the 2 months prior to the season starting in a place of honor atop my toilet (where it will remain until several weeks after the Super Bowl, when I finally clean my bathroom and remove the magazine from underneath The Onion’s Our Dumb Century and America: The Book). I do this in the hopes of getting the edge over my competition, only to be beaten in the playoffs by the guy who forgot all about the draft and had his team selected by the computer. It never works, but if nothing else, it lets me feel like I know what I’m doing in the team selection phase.

What’s really needed, though, is a glossy, full color magazine that costs 7.99 that tells you how to name your team. I agonize over this more than the actual draft. I mentioned this in a post a few years ago that I’m sure nobody else also read, but I named my team “No Romo”, but I think I’ve learned the finest team names have nothing to do with football. Or really, nothing to do with anything. Last year, my team was The Strangers In The Alps, which, if you don’t know, is a reference to a hilarious TV edit of The Big Lebowski. I was confident this was the best name in the league, until I saw that DBI alumnus Chris Brown named his team the St. Burgermachine Wizards. I knew at that point there was no chance I’d win the league, or anything in life, really.

That’s why, this year, my team will be called Tom Waits Fantasy Camp.

Anyway, DBI news dump time. We unfortunately don’t have a show in our home base in July, but we’ll return to the Main Street Theatre Company at Garden Friends twice in August, August 1 and August 22, both at 8pm, and both for the low low price of 5.00. Also, DBI will be performing at the Coffee House Benefit Show on July 26 at the Edison Valley Playhouse. There will be sketch comedy from the Pavlovian Dog Show, and some other great acts that I don’t have info on at the moment. 8pm, 10 bucks, and it’s an awesome room if you haven’t been there before.

Lastly, while I enjoy fantasy football, Tim likes it more. He’s doing a CFL Fantasy League. 

AUDITIONS: The Monoscene

Director of the Monoscene, Michael Hochman
Director of the Monoscene, Michael Hochman

Death By Improv is holding open auditions for a limited run, long-form improv project, The Monoscene.

The project will be cast from a combination of current DBI members and auditionees. Any experience level is welcome to audition, although previous improv performance or class experience would be great.

What is the Monoscene? The Monoscene is a long form improv format, in which there is only one continuous scene. A single suggestion will inspire an approximately 25 minute show, all in one scene.

This DBI Long-Form project will have two performances, opening up for Death By Improv’s main short-form show. And will practice weekly for about 2 months leading up to it’s first show, and continuing weekly until it’s second show. Practices are held Tuesday nights from 8-10pm.

Auditions will be held in a basement classroom at Garden Friend’s Learning Center, home of the Main St. Theater Company. 3018 Bordentown Ave, Parlin, NJ.

Please arrive on time, all auditionees will participate in the entire audition.

any questions, email

DBI Summer Class!

1234044_636388546392867_1818346313_nHey everyone. Want to take an improv class? DBI has just announced our summer session of Improv Foundations with Tim Norek! Just click the class title, and it will take you to our registration page.

Not sure what to expect from an Improv class with DBI? Well, here is a list of things you can expect:

  • have a ton of fun.
  • learn the building blocks of the art of improvisational acting and comedy
  • loosen up a bit
  • meet new people
  • and/or play with old friends
  • be silly as adults
  • build skills and confidence in public speaking, character creation, playfulness, and spontaneity.

Registration info and a full class description and instructor bio can be found on the class page, at


Upcoming show dates and assorted tomfoolery

Man, this weather sucks. It’s cold and wet and snowy and nasty. Why can’t it be warm, and sunny, like we just experienced in Florida?

Oh, wait, we didn’t mention? Of course we didn’t, we haven’t updated the site in months. DBI made it’s triumphant return to the Gainesville Improv Festival this past weekend, where we performed, workshop, and generally amused ourselves alongside some of the finest improvisers in the Sunshine State. Man, was it fun. Thanks to Tom and Skyler for having us back, hopefully it won’t take us four more years to get back down there.

Anyway, we’re well into a New Year, and we’re happy to see we’ve got a bunch of upcoming show dates at the Main Street Theater. Next up is February 21 at 8pm, and then March 14, April 18, May 23, and June 20. Hopefully we’ll have some other dates in other venues to announce soon.

We leave you with these fine white people:

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