Death By Improv

DBI: Central NJ’s home for
Improv Comedy since 2006

What is this improv thing?
Well, it’s comedy made up on the spot, based on audience suggestions. So come check out a show, and give us some ideas to play with

Shows every month!
Once a month, Death By Improv plays at the Main St. Theater Company (located at the Garden Friends Learning Center, Parlin, NJ).
Dates and Directions

And Classes too!
DBI also offers training via our Improv Classes, Improv Foundations more info here

We Have Audtions!
Every month DBI brings you the best short-form style improv. But there is more than one type of improv … So DBI is doing limited run long-form improv projects too. Unlike our main ensemble, players who audition for these long-form projects will only have to commit to rehearsals once a week for a couple months, with at least two 30-minute performances.
For info on auditions, go here

Workshop Along Side DBI
Death By Improv is now offering periodic open workshops. Join us this month to play with DBI members. Previous experience required, either with us, or another improv training center.
For more info on open workshops, and to sign up, go here

We Travel!
Death By Improv has taken the act on the road a few times, having been selected to perform at the Richmond Improv Festival (2008 and 2009), the Gainesville Improv Festival (2009, 2010, and 2014), the Boston Comedy Arts Festival (2013), and at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (2011, 2012, and 2016). And members of DBI have trained at a variety of theaters and improv camps in NYC, Philly, Austin, Ireland, and more.