Too Many Sheep, not Enough Shepherds

Do you remember that time when America was like “fuck England, I’m gonna revolt”? I do, it was a time when Americans were sick of England’s sucky governing methods. We came to the conclusion that England is a child predator, and we were gonna go Chris Hansen on their pedophilic assholes. Why did we do this? Because back then we didn’t have media access 24/7 raping us with their thoughts. Normal, everyday people actually had opinions back then. How have we become so stagnant?

Case in point : Elizabeth Stamatina Fey (better known as Tina Fey, thanks Wikipedia),  we get it,  you do a good Sarah Palin.  She does a solid job. This is coming from a guy who hates Fey more than a diabetic hates pixie sticks. But you know what, she’s not the first impressionist to ever do a great job on SNL. Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton is AMAZING. If not AMAZING with all capital letters, he’s at least great. What has it gotten him? 3 of his last 5 movies were Epic Movie, New York Minute (yes, Olsen Twins), and Scary Movie 3.

So why is Tina Fey’s buzz larger than Ralphie May at a preschool while Darrell Hammond’s doing Epic Movie? I call it the idiot factor. One stupid media outlet watches the “infamous” show and says its genius. By the next week, Tina Fey receives a Lifetime achievement award because our country forgot to think for themselves. Every dumb stereotypical college guy who thinks he knows anything about politics elbows his buddy and goes ” hey, man, you see that SNL skit with Tina Fey, It’s like the best show ever.” And since no one has the fortitude to say “it was pretty good, but not AMAZING in capital letters”, everyone goes around and praises Fey. I feel sometimes like Idiocracy is real. Think for yourself people!!!!!!!!

Watching the patterns form

so it’s been about a week here at the new “blog-tube-space-site”, and i’m beginning to see a few patterns form in the troupe members styles.

Hochman- news [behind the scenes funny]

Jimmy- funny business [and I don’t mean like anal sex, i mean comic gold]

Brown- weird day to day minutia [ twitter, youtube clips, hashtags, meta-fucking (that’s mean you look at the camera and say “i’m fucking someone”), what have you]

it gives me alot of hope that we can continue to entertain some people inbetween shows and actually keep everyone coming back for more.

also everyone start fucking with Wikipedia. it’s so much fun.

stay frosty true beleivers

tiger force forever

[Note: anal sex is always comic gold]

Still running strong

after jimmy’s successful resurrection of the “fuck with wikipedia project”

I’ve decided that in celebration of our acceptance into RIF i will be deleting Brad Pitt’s Wikipedia everyday till we leave for Virginia.  let’s try and see if it works.  maybe I’ll just fuck with the twelve monkeys entry

EDIT:  turns out Wikipedia is run by robots, or master mold, because in under two minutes all changes were reversed…..shit.

here’s a youtube video

HASHTAGGING the Richmond Improv Festival

to all our soon to be avid readers.

DBI as offically gone “web 2.0” and added twitter feeds to our blog.  they aren’t currently working but hopefully we can get that resolved in time to implement my big plan.  If you are into twitter keep an eye out for the hashtag


i’m hoping to spread around as the offical hash tag of the Richmond Improv Festival

stay frosty true believers!