Is there something wrong with the earth’s gravitational pull in 1985?

Remember Remember The Fifth of November.

I sent out a text today when i realized that myself and most of my friends did not. My friend Lou then responded with ‘ I thought you meant the interdimentional route of all time travel. Nov 5 1955!’

I was referring to Guy Fawkes Day and the Gunpoweder Plot. He of course is referring to Back To The Future, the day doc brown envisioned the flux capacitor, and the day marty travelled to when escaping from terrorists in a VW van.

This led me to wikipedia BTTF, and I discovered that while Michael J. Fox was the first choice, he was not the first cast in the role of Marty McFly. Eric Stoltz (Mask) was cast when Fox was unavailble due to his Family Ties shooting schedule. Stoltz was replaced when Fox became available and when it was decided that he had been playing the role too dramatically. When he left the project, so did his skateboard double Tony Hawk.

I also found out, that Christopher Lloyd was not the first choice for Doc Brown. John Lithgow was. Lithgow has had a very diverse career, including creating a childrens album (pictured above). Imagine what BTTF would have been like with Stoltz and Lithgow …. I can’t even rap my head around it.


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