The RIF Made me Feel Good Inside!

What an incredible time! Who needs vacations when you have improv festivals? It kind of sounds weird, but I think I would rather be doing improv in Virginia then to spend a weekend in Miami. The car ride down was a blast, we were funnier on the car ride down then we were in the festival. From Bonnie Tyler to The Mason-Dixon line, Decoy Museums and Blumpkins , the trip felt like an hour drive because we kept ourselves entertained.

We arrived at about 11:30 on Thursday, where we were met by Curtis. Curtis seemed to hate three things in life, people, his job, and getting people change. The four of us talked for a while before we went to bed, but there was one thing that wasn’t mentioned. That thing was the fact that Hochman snores. Now I know there’s nothing he can do to make himself not snore, but it was the fucking loudest snores i’ve ever heard.  Josh and Brown totally sandbagged me! I layed in bed listening to the Guns and Roses concert (Aka Hochmans Constricted Breathing Concert), while the other 3 eventually woke.

Friday morning we headed over to ComedySportz where we met a myriad of awesome people. We did some workshopping to start the day, and I have to say that our teachers were incredible. I legitimately learned more in 2 days than I have in the year I’ve done improv. I had some fun performers to work with as well.

After a couple of Michael Phelps type laps in the pool, it was time to get back to ComedySportz and get ready for our performance. We didn’t do that well, but we went down swinging. I was really bummed initially, but the experience was valuable.
Saturday, we drank. A lot.

Sunday, we ate Waffle House. Fin.

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