Fragileis: a primer for new slang

Lesson 1  “Shatner”


1 (n.) a shitty situation (ie ‘this party is pretty shatner’)

2 (adj.) descriptive term used when dealing with a douche bag (ie ‘man your dad is so shatner’)

note: the  exact situations and persons which can be labeled as shatner is very broad and over usage is encouraged as much as possible.  anything, anyone, or anytime that is shitty is shatner and shatner is anything, anyone, or anytime that is shitty.

HOWEVER this is not the case when referring to the man William Shatner or his career.  When referring to this Shatner you have one of two choices “Mr. William Shatner” or “Sir”.  nothing else will be able to represent the majesty of the man.  you know probably it’s better to just go with “sir”.

still it is safe to say that even Will himself would agree that his overall appearance in the above picture is pretty shatner, also the lighting is shatner. that shirt is fucking boss as hell though

tiger force forever


One thought on “Fragileis: a primer for new slang

  1. Brown, I must say I love “Sir”‘s Cowboy Hat, but you were pretty Shatner for using a picture that doesn’t show his bottom teeth.

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