Two Reasons To Love Thanksgiving

You may be thinking that the two best reasons to love Thanksgiving would be football and turkey. But the real reasons are Rick Rolls and Turbaconduckens.

I will start with the Rick Roll. The Macy’s Day Parade was Rick Rolled. Sadly I missed it, cause I don’t bother watching the parade, but the float for Cartoon Network’s “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends” came out, and then America got Rick Rolled.

Second, the Turbaconducken.. If you are a meat-hater, you might not like this idea, but it is awesome regardless. Now, you’ve all heard of a Turducken. A Chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey. I have always thought this to be a little stupid. But a Turbaconducken (which i hope is pronounced Tur-bah-con-duh-ken, and not Tur-bay-ken-duh-ken) is the same thing, but with all the parts wrapped in bacon.

for more info on this, go to That’s right, there is a site called Bacon Today. I love the interweb.

I just want to thank Mick Murtha for IMing both of these links to me today.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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