Special Guest for January Show!

On January 16th, DBI will be having it’s usual monthy Garden Friends show. It will be unusual, however, because we will be welcoming special guests into our comedic home. Those guests are the good folks @ Veryincrediblemovietheater4!  Although funny, they burp at the dinner table, and leave the toilet seat up when they go to the bathroom.

Here’s a spoonful of comedic delight!

Tiger Force Movie Officially Up


Let’s see how long this lasts…Until then, a funny video!

Cool just won’t cut it anymore

Cool is so shatner!!!! Turn to fragilese for all your fresh new slang for out of date words that everyone is sick of. It’s time for change America! The entire world looks to our entire culture for guidance in what is not Shatner and frankly we are letting the world down!!! Maybe these new entries into the fragilese dictionary will help light a fire under our unmotivated asses!!!

Fragile (Fra-jull) adj: cool. Ex: That movie was fragile! Antonym: Shatner.

March Madness (Ma-rch Mad-ness) adj: a wild and crazy time. It is very important that this term is reserved for special occasions that require the use of the term. In addition, there are degrees of march madness that can be used. Ex: The zombies are in the house; this is march madness. We’re blowing off all their heads with shotguns; this is so sweet sixteen! Now their heads are regrowing and they all look like characters from the cast of cheers; that’s final four!!!!! Sidenote: term cannot be used in the month of march.

superbowl (soup-er bowl) adj: cool. Tried it in the past and it never caught on. This time I’m taking the Ivan Drago approach. After I try it this time…. If it dies, it dies! THIS IS NOT AN EXHIBITION!

improv is imagination. love it.

2nd Day Of Humbug

Although it was a major flop in the Box Office, many considered It’s a Wonderful Life to be the greatest Christmas movie of all time. It was even  recognized by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 Greatest Films Ever Made. It’s safe to say main character George Bailey was ahead of his time.  His whiny, suicidal, depressed nature was weird back then, but now we just call it emo. This guy is fucking depressing. And he’s a bitch. Why do we praise this whiny piece of shit? The guy owns a loan association, has a wife, has a park named after him, and just because his dad died and his Uncle lost $8000 he wants to kill himself? Thankfully this weak piece of shit is not me. Try being overweight, a completely broke server at Cheeseburger in Paradise, you don’t see me wanting to kill myself. Fuck you sissy, you might as well have done it so we didn’t have to watch your shitty movie every damn year!