Happy New Years Zombie Fans!

Happy New Years Everyone.

This new years eve was Dick Clark’s last time (supposedly) doing Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve. He’s officially handed it off to Ryan Seacrest. It is a sad thing on one level, and a who gives a crap on another. Dick clark, having survived a stroke 4 years ago, can barely speak audibly behind the desk. I thought he was either portraying a zombie, or the emperor palpatine.  But palpatine could project a bit better.

On another note,  back a while, jimmy and I were talking about Madden. I commented that I thought Pat Summerall, Madden’s long time co-commentator, was dead. Jimmy insisted I was wrong. I insisted he was wrong. This must have taken place in a car or bar or something, where we could not consult the ever powerful interweb to find out who was right or wrong.

Yesterday, Jimmy sends me a text saying Summerall is commenting for the Cotton Bowl on fox. He took this as evidence that he was right. I then introduced the theory of Zombie Summerall. And therefore maintained that I was still infact correct.

According to wikipedia (which i didn’t fuck with in this instance), Pat Summerall and Dick Clark are very close in age. Clark was born Nov 30, 1929. Summerall born May 10, 1930. If they are both this old, and Dick Clark shows himself to be a sophisticated zombie, then i proposed that Summerall most certainly is too.

Contrary to popular belief, Ryan Seacrest is not a Zombie. He is just brainless.


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