An adventure unfolds

Last weekend, I and fellow DBI-ers rachel and josh, along with our friend ah-scott, went north to the untamed middle-of-nowhere conneticutt to gamble at Foxwoods casino and resort in celebration of the passing of 21 years since the birth of josh’s brother brian, more commonly refered to as B-Yepz.

The trip was not a great one in any traditional sense. however it was filled with interesting happenings and overall made for a fun time.

To begin with, I was late getting to josh’s apartment, our chosen point of embarkation. I had slept and had little in the way of clean laundry. In fact, I was out of socks and therefore broke my sandals out, only a few days into spring. Upon arriving at Josh’s apartment, we set out in search of a TDBank and a Wachovia so that Josh, Rachel, and Eh-Scott could procure money. I had already gotten mine. We also all craved breakfast sandwiches.

We ventured forth to George Street, New Brunswick where josh and rachel could do their banking, eh-scott was out of luck, and the breakfast sandwiches, while slow to be made, we good. From there we hit the road, and rachel was proclaimed, by me, to be the garbage wench, on the merit of her having kept a bag for garbage. She was not happy with this title, especially when Josh and Eh-Scott also called her Garbage Wench, or G-Dubs as Josh liked.

Travelers be warned: Route I-95 sucks, even on a Saturday morning, starting at the George Washington Bridge (another G-Dubs) and continues to suck at regular intervals until you reach Foxwoods Casino.

Aside from traffic, the journey was tame, until we departed the high way, found the hotel and then proceeded to follow backroad directions to the Casino with Rachel navigating. We got lost. As I said Rachel was navigating. Eventually, after much second guess and a could of U-turns, we found the casino, and then found B-Yepz, who was drinking with his other brother Chris not-Yepez. I don’t know Chris’s last name, but he is Josh and Brian’s older half brother, on their mother’s side. We had planned to get B-Yepz, and return to the hotel where he might shower (we assumed he had played in his lacrosse game earlier, but he had not).

He didn’t need to shower, so we ventured back to the hotel to check in without him. We drank some JD and called a cab, hoping to get smashed at the casino. The cab came. No one but me noticed that the cabby had only 1 1/2 ears. Half of his left ear was bitten off. He was also hard of hearing. I wonder if the two facts were related.

We gambled for a bit. We then went to eat. We waited a long time for a table, but the food was pretty good. In the restaurant while we sat there, there were four birthdays including B-Yepz. Apparently nine months ago many people were boinking and conceiving future gamblers.

After dinner we split up, playing poker and blackjack and roulette and craps and such. I was down a bit and finally struggled back to 10 dollars over even, and was coloring up at the Spanish 21 table when Josh calls me and tells me we are leaving. The reason for this was simple, Josh and Eh-Scott were broke, and unlike AC and Vegas, Foxwoods has last call around 1am. We could no longer drink. And we didn’t know this until last call.

So Josh rounded us all up, and we ventured down to the front desk to call a cab. It was a rainy night, and other than the casino there isn’t much around. The cab companies were apparently overwhelmed. We were told a half hour wait. After nearly two hours, B-Yepz was feeling hungover without the courtesy of sleep first. Rachel was getting angry that we still didn’t have a cab. We all were angry, but rachel gets hulk angry. She lashed out at the front desk people, who have no direct control over the cab companies, and made no progress whatsoever.

Eventually Eh-Scott and I returned to the Spanish 21 tables, tired of waiting. We both lost. I went from even to down 200 in half an hour. We returned dejected to the waiting. Josh called our Best Western and asked them to send a couple of cabs for us, cause we were essentially stranded.

Before those cabs could arrive, a maintainence truck driver from the MGM Grande asked Josh and I if we wanted a ride back to the hotel where we could retrieve Josh’s car and just pick the others up. We took creepy tow truck driver’s offer, and moments after we pull away, Rachel calls to say that the cab has finally arrived. We all eventually made it back to the hotel alive.

The next morning Rachel wakes us all up in typical den mother fashion at 11am for a noon check out. I stumble to the bathroom, take my morning dump, and then rachel knocks on the door to tell me the hotel clock was an hour off, a fact the rest of us knew the night before. While annoyed, it gave me time to go to the crappy continental breakfast, where i obtained bagels, juice, and most importantly, fruit loops.

Then after showers we hit the road again, this time further north to Boston, to drop B-Yepz back at his school. We arrived in the Boston area with no problems, then went to lunch. I forget the name of the place, but it was a brewpub, and had great food. We got a pitcher of some awesome Nut Brown Ale, and I had a cheddar buffalo turkey burger. The waitress found out it was the day after B-Yepz birthday and bought him a drink. We left his number in the bill with some sort of cheezy line. we have yet to discover if it worked.

Then the ride back. Josh and Rachel slept a lot. Eh-Scott and I drive a bunch. Eh-Scott almost fell asleep while driving a few miles short of the NY Thruway. We stopped for coffee in East Fishkill, NY. The Dunkin Donuts indicated on the highway sign seemed to be a myth, but the gas station we found was just fine.

We made it back in time for Josh and Eh-Scott to play in the Server Olympics, and for me to go home and do paperwork. I think the hotel we stayed in made me sick, because I have been coughing severely ever since.

It was a good trip.


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