Tiger Force Forever Unleashed

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also some guy mentions the rumored meatloaf project on his youtube channel look for appearances by meatloaf as Himself. if you can’t find it easily (and that may be the case this guy loves horrible layouts) just use the search function in you browser and search “tiger” it will come right up.

congrats jimmy 

Moment of silence

Today a despotic ruler in Northern Sri Lanka was killed.  The leader of the rebel group known as the “Tamil Tigers” Velupillai Prabhakaran was finally killed by the Sri Lankan government. This ends a period of civil war that as lasted 33 years.  

Prabhakaran will be remembered as being the inventor of suicide bombing, which the tigers used frequently in their war for independence from Sri Lanka.

DBI does not support terrorism, but we do support very cool flags. So from one Tiger to another……. Tiger Force Forever