Space Coyote Thunder Force victroious in first DBI wiffle ball competition

The captains: Hochman and Tim
Hochman picks Chris “Tiberious” Brown, Brian “The Cannon” Yepez, Danielle “The Ball” Ball, Lauren “The Duke” Duca, Glenn “Ribeye” Sour (probably spelt that wrong), Bryan “Nugget” Murray, Marisol “I can’t think of a good nick name” Cruz, and the “I can’t remember thier last names” duo of Peter and Ashley.
Tim picks: Joshua “Alejandro” Yepez, Nick “The Dick” Ciphers, Steve “Monte” Monteleone, Johann “Jon” Paiva, Jason “Beegs” Beagle, Scruff “Michael” Cardinale, Brian “B-Hok” Hochman, Rachel “Rei” Towlen, and Theressa “I also don’t know her last name”.

Hochman’s team name : Space Coyote Thunder Force
Tim’s team name : Team Cobra

Final Score:
Space Coyote Thunder Force 5*
Team Cobra 2
(*one disputed run, Hochman was eventually decided safe when Ciphers didn’t tag him out, but not all agreed. later scored only run in that inning.)

Good time had by all … especially those of us who won.

(if I missed your name on the roster above, i am sorry, let me know)



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