RIF night #1

so dbi went back to richmond. we haven’t stolen a rug from a mexican restaurant yet. but we did already get our set done. this year was me, brown, and josh returning, no jimmy this year, but tim and rachel joined us. Turns out richmond people remembered us. we ran into Zach Ward at the hotel shortly after check in. Brown managed to start awkward conversation about L&O:SVU which involved which is more traumatizing, being raped, or watching your spouse be murdered? we then went to dinner. rachel was her usual bad customer. and she almost knocked my leftovers on the floor.

then the actual festival. all the richmond people from last year welcomed us far more warmly than i expected. apparently we were liked. that was a suprise to me. i thought we were awkward people that no one like. later in converstation with JG, we found out that apparently richmond people (specifically the girls) read Brown’s post last year, and we were shocked. no one reads our blog. we sure as hell didn’t expect richmond peeps to read it. hugs were had.

our set, while not the best thing we ever did, was fun and i thought pretty good. we rocked good ol’ fashion short form. i myself was a bit drunk. 3 beers and a scotch will do that. still was able to manage an inter-a-wop.

josh and rei wanted to knock boots, so me, CB, and TN stayed at the bar where we drank with JG for a while. Last people in the bar.

that was night one.

peace out true believers.


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