New Year!

So it’s a new year, and I realized I hadn’t made any site updates in a while. well … after hours of searching for a work around, i discovered that there is no way to embed a google calendar into the body of a page on a account. so from now on, show dates are on the right, via an RSS feed to a google calendar.

I finally put up some bio pics. I don’t have for everyone though. Also, i had everyone write new bios like 3 months ago, and I apparently lost those … so new bios are on hold for now. Sorry.

DBI is going to Gainesville in just a couple weeks. Going to be awesome! This year it will be Brown, Josh, Rachel, Tim, Jimmy, Ronzo and myself going.

Also, some DBI dates have been added … as can be seen in the aforementioned sidebar calendar. DBI at SMSTC on Jan 15th and February 26th (Chris Brown’s B-day show). DBI at EVP on January 29th! More dates coming soon.


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