DBI Suggestion box

I know some people out there actually read this blog, on the rare occasion we post stuff. (twice in one week!) So i’m asking you die hard dbi fans for your suggestions.

Right now we’ve got a weekly gig at Anthony’s in South Amboy, and if it goes well, we’ll be sticking with that for a little while. So, to keep the shows fresh, we’re looking to shake up our format a bit. Some ideas we’ve been tossing around, and that you might see soon is a competitive format similar to Comedy Sportz, another competitive format that will be inspired by Legends of the Hidden Temple. Perhaps improvised TV-genre shows (cop show, soap, celebreality show, talk show, sitcom). Any body out here have some cool ideas they’d like to see us try? throw the gauntlet, and if we like what we hear, maybe we’ll give it a shot.


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