October 3rd

So DBI has a show this sunday, at Anthony’s Bar and Grill. We’ll be doing first sunday of each month, so long as you guys come check it out. 533 Ridgeway Ave, South Amboy, NJ @ 8pm (get there early, order some really good food, and some drinks if you like)

In prep for the show, I’ve looked a the wikipedia page for the date of Oct 3. Some interesting birthdays. First off, Gwen Stefani is turning 41. did not think she was that old. Then there’s Rev. Al Sharpton, turning 56 years old, and doesn’t look a day over 60. Also on the birthday list we got Clive Owen, Tommy Lee, Ashlee Simpson, and Gore Vidal. It’s also the anniversary of President Lincoln declaring the last thursday of november as Thanksgiving Day in 1864, of The Re-Unification of Germany in 1990, of OJ getting aquitted in 1995, and the first buffalo wings are made at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, in 1964.

So come watch improv and eat some wings.


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