Dear Pam Shuller,

We received a comment on Josh’s bio page, an unusual place to place this comment, but we received it nonetheless, and would like to respond. Pam writes:
I just moved to New Jersey for work and found this improv group online. I have taken numerous improv classes while in college, I have taught improv for the past few years, directed an improv show for three years during college and performed on improv teams for the past 5 years. I am really interested in joining a group or even coming to an improv night! Do you have any openings or public improv nights? Thanks!

Well Pam, since there is no email or contact info for you on the comment, i’ve decided to write you this post, and I hope you and the rest of our readers find it informative and useful

We have been around for nearly 5 years, and in the past, new members were brought in by invitation, because they were friends and just funny people we liked. We then started doing once a month Open Workshops, a drop in rehearsal where people can come and play and rehearse along side the troupe, working on whatever we happen to be focusing on that time. We invited a couple people from that to join us. Then this summer we had an actual audition, which resulted in 4 new members all at once.

We may have another round of auditions at some point in the future, but nothing is slated as of right now.  We do still have the Open Workshops, on the 1st Tuesday of every month (Nov 2nd is our next one). These are open to anyone of any experience level, from complete noob to level 7 wizard improvisers.

And of course there are also our shows, which our next one is the first sunday of the month, Nov 7th, at Anthony’s Bar and Grill in South Amboy, or Black Friday, Nov 26th at Main St. Theater (local community theater, located at Garden Friends Learning Center).

So Pam, and any other interested parties out there on the interweb, if you are interested in meeting us, talking endlessly about improv, life, or financial investments*, then come on out to a show or Open Workshop. Or email me for more info.


*not liable for bad investments


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