DBI: Now on YouTube!

I’ve discovered a really neat little website called YouTube. It turns out, on this site, one can upload videos! And anyone can watch them! It’s amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it! Apparently, it’s been around for five years, but they must’ve really flown under the radar, as I’ve never seen it before. But it’s really cool! I’ve found music videos, and people falling over, and monkeys doing it!

Now, in my expert opinion, any website the features monkeys doing it is one that Death By Improv needs to be a part of. Therefore, you can now peep DBI videos at youtube.com/deathbyimprov! I hope to periodically have some cool shit up on the page, and to start with, you can check out our entire show from this past Friday at the Main Street Theater.

Also, if you’re in the central Jersey area and looking for something to do at 2pm on Saturday, check out the South Amboy Festival of the Arts on Broadway in South Amboy. I can think of no better way than to spend an afternoon than breathing in that crisp, South Amboy sea air and check out some really funny people. Now, you can get what you’ve always wanted: DBI and a zeppole, all in the same place!

Anyway, check us out on Saturday! And check us out on YouTube! And I’m sorry for how we look in HD.

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