$h*! Chris Brown says

Josh has finally done what has been joked about for a while. Just like Justin Halpern has done with his father on http://shitmydadsays.com/, Josh is going to tweet the ridiculous ramblings of Chris Brown. All those times sometime has said “now that’s a new LBOP song” is usually after brown, or someone in a conversation with brown, has said something completely absurd.

So go follow newLBOPsongs on twitter.

In other news, anyone who came out to our annual Black Friday show, thank you guys, you are awesome. We had a great time. Brown and I premiered our new team, a duo called Improv Kerouac, which performs a 3 man show by inviting a guest improviser onstage with us. So thanks to Mike Farley for being our first guest. Farley is one half of movie riffing dup Very Incredible Movie Theater 4 alongside DBI’s Mick Murtha. Improv Kerouac is also a blog about improv seen by me and brown outside of DBI … so check that out too: Improv Kerouac



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