NEWS: DBI to offer 8-week Improv Foundation Class

Hey Guys,

Death By Improv will be offering an 8-week improv class beginning in late February.

This class will cover the foundations of improv comedy, including: how to loosen up your creative juices, how to be spontaneous and focused at the same time, how to create fun and interesting characters, how to make people laugh without telling a joke, how to build a scene from just a simple suggestion, how to beat a ninja left handed.

Well, maybe not that last one, but who knows. This class be taught by Death By Improv’s own Michael Hochman (that’s me). For those you that don’t know, I have been performing wtih DBI from the beginning, and with BSPit at Middlesex County College before that (so nearly 7 years locally) and am also a member of Philly Improv Theater’s house team, Mayor Karen. I have taken classes and workshops at Improv Jam (Asbury Park, formerly Red Bank), The Magnet Theater (NYC), Philly Improv Theater (Philly), Camprov (weekend improv retreat, Maine), Richmond Improv Festival, and the Gainesville Improv Festival.

The class will likely take place at the Forum Theater in Metuchen, NJ (not yet confirmed, but very likely). Exact time and cost are still to be determined. However I do know it will be a weeknight, likely Wednesdays or Thursdays, from 7 to 10.

Interested? Then email me at with questions, or to be the first to register (once details are set)

-Michael Hochman


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