In this world, there are three types of men: lions, horses, and dogs. They say that to go places in life, you need to follow three principles:

1. Feed the lions
2. Ride the horses
3. Shoot the dogs

However, a team of MIT physicists have discovered that there is a fourth group. Or rather, a man who is a group unto himself. This man rides the lions, shoots the horses, and plays kickball with so many Chihuahuas. This man eats lightning and craps thunder. Women love him, men want to be him. He is…


While Jimmy’s true age and origin are still being researched, the anniversary of his discovery draws nigh, and Death By Improv is preparing to celebrate it. We plan on slaughtering goats and sacrificing virgins to please our great and terrible god.*

In between our godless, bloody rituals, we’re gonna do some funny improv. So check it out, this Friday, 8pm, at the Main Street Theater at Garden Friends! Also, check back here for more info on DBI’s first ever Improv Foundation Class.

*Will not actually happen.

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