The continued adventures of DBI in North Carolina

So DBI’s time at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival is rapidly drawing to a close. I for one have had a blast. I’ve learned a lot about improv, and at last count, since getting into my car Wednesday morning, I’ve laughed 28,193 times. Let’s pick up from where we left off.

As Hochman mentioned earlier, Brown, Tim, and Eric got to the venue just in time for the end of our set. Honestly, I think it was one of the stronger show’s we’ve had lately. We were high energy, on point, and fast moving. After the show ended, we went to Tyler’s Tap Room for the after party, where coffee beer and tall boys were had.

Friday we spent exploring Carrboro and Chapel Hill. The two towns are right next to each other, and it’s only about a mile walk from the UNC Campus to where the shows were being held. The UNC Campus is really nice, with buildings that are almost a hundred years old but look new. Chapel Hill had some cool bookstores and record stores and an awesome comic shop. Plus a chubby bald guy got out of a car dressed as Robin and ran around for a few minutes.

After our walk through Chapel Hill and Carrboro, we headed into the shows. We saw a lot of different teams, and you can read the blow by blow of them thanks to Brown and Hochman over at Improv Kerouac. I won’t bore you with details because I don’t yet have the critical mind those two gentlemen have, but I will name a few groups this weekend I particularly enjoyed: Houdini, Armageddon’ It, Gangs of Recess, Jessica Tandy, The N Crowd, Neutrino Boston, Beatbox, Cubed, rom-com, Middle Management, The Cascade, and Marjean. Also, I had the great fortune to see Emo Philips at the Cat’s Cradle. He was astonishingly great, and even the trough urinal at the venue he played couldn’t mar the evening. Afterwards we went to Milltown (not the town in Jersey, the bar in Carrboro) where we had another fun night of after partying.

Saturday was workshop day. I had the pleasure of workshopping with two wonderful improvisers: Megan Gray from the Magnet in NYC, and Zach Ward, aka The Man Who Is Responsible For Everything Here. I learned a lot from it, and I’m grateful for their time and encouragement. Saturday night was more shows, and I skipped the party because I was really tired.

So now it’s pretty much over. Sleep and driving await. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

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