Goodnight, sweet prince

And my last post was titled “Goodnight, sweet pants”. And, sadly, both titles are appropriate.

Unfortunately for DBI, Ron Heaney has decdied to move on from DBI. We’re all very upset to lose such a talented performer and a very…interesting young man.

That said, not all of our news is sad. We have not one, not three, but two shows coming up in the merry merry month of May.

First, we’ll be competing in The Scrimmage against Mishmash! Improv at the Creek and The Cave in Long Island City, Queens, on May 15. It’s a free show at a really cool space, and we’re all just pickled tink at the notion participating in the vicious bloodsport that is competitive short form improv. Except for Eric. He thought we were going to be on Family Feud, and was devastated to learn that not only that Richard Dawson won’t be there, but that Ray Combs has been dead for fifteen years. On that happy note, all the info is at

In addition, we’re performing our regularly monthly show at the Main Street Theater at Garden Friends. 7:30pm, May 27, for two hours of delightful frilly froo froo family fun for children of all ages, from 18 to 80. Bring a blanket or a poncho if you’re in the first three rows, because we’re working on getting the inimitable Gallagher II to open up for us.

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