Lots of DBI Stuff on YouTube

I’ve uploaded a hell of a lot of fun Death By Improv related content on YouTube. You should check it out. Comment and stuff. Like it. Share it. Get our names out there. Market us. Make us famous. Get us more opportunities. Offer us tons of money. Allow us to quit our jobs. Let success go to our heads. Refuse to perform unless all the items in our dressing room are wrapping in Saran Wrap. Develop a crippling Freon addiction. Have unprotected sex with numerous anonymous partners. Squander all of our money with ill-advised investments in artichoke oil. Reduce us to busking for quarters in Toledo. Allow us to hang ourselves, sobbing, in a shitty motel room, illuminated only by the single yellow bulb hanging by a string.

You know. Be a pal.

More to come! Huzzah!

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