DBI’s Four Days After Independence Day Americapalooza

In the history of our nation, many important events have happened four days after historic events. For example:

December 29, 1776: Iggy Washington, George’s half brother promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel just to make his mother happy, crosses the Delaware. Unfortunately, the battle is long over, but Iggy is able to load up on Wiezenbock left over by a legion of groggy Hessians.

November 23, 1863: Four days after the Getty…sburg Address, Abraham Lincoln delivers his lesser renowned “Nesquehoning Address”, wherein he refers to the Carbon County, PA town as “beneath contempt”.

July 5, 1898: After bravely charging up San Juan Hill, Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders enjoy a day of leisure and fun by rolling down San Juan Hill. TR describes the experience in a letter to his son, Kermit, as “capital”, declaring “a more bully time I’ve never had”.

August 13, 1975: Declaring that he “no longer has a a strong enough political base among the fry cooks” to justify his remaining in office, Barney Nixon resigns his position as Assistant Manager of the McDonald’s on Merriman Road in Akron, Ohio.

And now, four days after Independence Day, Death By Improv continues this tradition with comedy. Joining DBI is the long awaited return of Very Incredible Movie Theater 4. Five bucks, 7:30pm, Garden Friends, be there.See More

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