Hope We Have A Spaghetti Winner!

Several weeks ago, myself and fellow DBIers Michael ‘H-Bomb’ Hochman and Michelle Baker ‘Is Baking’ took a trip to New York for Musical Megawatt at the Magnet Theater. I’d been there once, several months ago, and it was one of the better shows I’ve ever seen. After the show, there is a Musical Mixer, where audience members of any experience level or ability can get up and sing a scene with the house team members. When we went a few months back I didn’t do it, but with several more months of performing under by belt, “Screw it”, I thought, “the worst that happens is that I suck”.

I didn’t suck. Nor did Michelle or Hochman (though I must admit that I’m somewhat jealous they got to go up on stage twice and I only got to go once. Not that I’m angry with my friends at all. Not at all. I have nothing but respect and affection for those miserable little shits). In fact, we had a great time, and being that we’ve been talking of trying more musical stuff (as evidenced by me and Hochman’s Alphabet Opera from our June show, which I recommend you check out at youtube.com/deathbyimprov), we left feeling somewhat inspired.

When we were warming up with the Megawatt people, we learned a very basic, but very effective, song structure. I know it’s effective, because for a solid week and a half after doing this warm up, I had the following little ditty in my head:

I like to eat cheese
I like to eat cheese
It brings me to my knees
I like to eat cheese

The next week, Hochman and I brought this song structure to workshop, where we introduced it to Christopher ‘The Man of a Thousand Facebooks’ Brown and Tim ‘Sorry I Made Fun of Your Hair in the Last Show and I Can’t Think of a Good Nickname for you right now’ Norek. We did a couple little tunes, with moderate success, before Brown remembered he had a drum machine in his automobile, and why not bring it in?

So he brought it in.

And the end result was what you’re about to hear:

Two weeks later, and I’m still not entirely certain if this was a wasted workshop or the best one we’ve ever had.

Anyway, DBI’s next show is August 12 at 7:30pm at the Main Street Theater at Garden Friends. Opening for us this time is DBI’s Improv Foundations Class Graduation Show, featuring DBI’s Improv Foundations Class, taught by DBI’s Improv Foundations Class Teacher Michael ‘Doc Hoch’ Hochman. It’s five dollars, as usual, and since his entire fleet was destroyed in a tropical cyclone, Kublai Khan will not be there!

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