Death By Improv: Comedy on the GROW

Occasionally, when I’m bored and should be sleeping at 2:43am, I Google “Death By Improv” to see if we have any mentions in the media.

Usually, when I type in “death by i”, the first suggestion that Google throws at me is “death by impalement”. However, as of 2:43am on July 30, 2011, when you type in “death by i” into Google, “death by improv” is the first suggestion! Congratulations, gang!

Christ, I need sleep.

Don’t forget: DBI’s St. Euplius Day Bonanza, 8/12, Main Street Theater, 5 bux! It’s only 5 days after my birthday. If you’re looking for gift ideas, I’d really like $4800. If that’s too much, I’ll settle for $2300.

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