DBI News Round-Up

As you may know from the main page of this here site, DBI is now accepting students for the fall session of our Improv Foundations class. Classes will be held on Wednesday, from 7-10 PM, at the Forum Theater in Metuchen. For all the relevant details, click on the “Classes” link on the top of this very page, or email classes@deathbyimprov.com to register.

And just to prove this isn’t some get rich quick scheme, here is the graduation show from the summer session, aka Austin’s Peanut Allergy:

Our next show is September 9 at the Main Street Theatre Friends in Parlin. Five bucks as usual. Opening for us is comedian Dan Marquez. Hope to see you all there.

Last, I’ve been uploading a bunch of fun stuff to our YouTube channel. Enjoy some of our August 12 show:

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