DBI: Coming to a South Amboy near you!

Hello, people! As both of this sites regular readers no doubt know by now, Death By Improv’s next show is on September 9 at the Main Street Theatre at Garden Friends. However, if you’re anything like me, in addition to having an unexplained fear of ketchup packets and an unusual feeling of arousal whenever you hear the word “kneecap”, you’ve always dreamed of seeing hilarious free improv comedy within walking distance of two Krauszer’s stores.

Well, you can pinch yourself all you want buddy (though we’d really wish you’d stop. It’s creepy, man), but this ain’t a dream, it’s reality! Death By Improv is going to be part of the South Amboy Festival and Street Fair on September 25. The festival is from 11-4 and on Broadway. As soon as we get more detail on time and location we’ll share it here.

To tide you over until the 9th (or the 25th), here’s some quality DBI-related YouTubery. First is part 2 of our 8/12 show:

And now, a really rare treat, a DBI set from over two years ago. This is from July of 2009, enjoy!

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