End of Summer Show and Arthritis Foundation Fundraiser

Hey everyone,

It’s September! That means one thing … Mick made a Rodney Dangerfield themed Facebook event (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=152796814803201). So come check out the show this Friday, September 9th. Make sure you get there on time so you get to see our opening act, stand up comedian Dan Marquez.

If you were at our August show, then you saw DBI’s Improv Foundation class show. Kat, from that class, is currently training for the NYC Marathon and raising money for the Arthritis Foundation. So you will be able to buy concessions from her, with all snack and drink proceeds going to the Foundation.

If you want to help support the cause without the candy and soda, you can read about her running/fundraising group, the NYC Sick Chick Club: http://nycsickchickclub.blogspot.com/ and donate here: http://bit.ly/qMcu9H 

Also, if you saw last month’s show, and thought you might want to try an improv class yourself, check out our Improv Foundation class page: https://deathbyimprov.com/classes



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