Blog Post: in which a seriously sleep deprived Mick looks through search terms that bring people to the site

I know that’s a wordy title for the post. Shut up. Let’s see what bring people to this little corner of the tubes:

The top result that brings people here is “death by improv”. That means we’re doing something right. Below that is “improv badge”, which is either a badas Boy Scout award or a badass Pokemon award. I’m not entirely sure which. Once we get underneath these, though, we reach the seedy underbelly of the web. A place where unkempt digital men in digital dark alleys open their digital trenchcoat and ask if you want to buy a digital watch.

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Next show date

Sorry it’s been so quiet in DBI land. There’s been a lot going on with the troupe, so here’s a quick update:

Hochman ran off to Europe with some cocktail waitress he met after winning a bunch of money playing blackjack in AC. He had to sell off a kidney to get back stateside.

Eric was so devastated by the passing of Andy Rooney that he retreated to a shack in the woods somewhere in Montana. He’s currently typing up a manifesto to send to the New York Times.

Brown hit the road with Sun Puddles and played a show in Miami where he was arrested for lewd behavior, natch.

Tim got lost in a Sam’s Club, and spent three weeks living amongst economy size cases of Doritos and a huge pack of Charmin paper towels he declared to be his new soul mate.

I lost my bid for Sheboygan, Wisconsin’s school board. My campaign manager tells me it’s likely because I’ve never lived, nor even set fut in, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

As for Michelle? Baker’s been baking.

Luckily, we’ve all managed to pull our shit together, and we’ll try to put all of our issues aside for at least two hours of high quality comedy on November 25, or as our Capitalist pig friends refer to it, “Black Friday”. It’s at our usual spot at the Main Street Theatre, at 7:30pm. See y’all there!