DBI is going back to North Carolina!

We here at DBI are thrilled to be going back to Carrboro, NC for the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. I must say, I had one of the most fun weeks of my life down there last year, and I’m extremely excited to go back again. Not just for the comedy, but also for the sights, sounds, and smells of Carrboro and Chapel Hill. I had a lot of fond memories from there last year, and now I will attempt to name them all: the chubby guy dressed as Robin running around Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Comics, the anarchist book store where Tim looked for books about Trotsky, the used bookstore where Tim looked for books about Trotsky, the awesome Chapel Hill Comics where Tim looked for comics about Trotsky, coffee houses where waitresses just want to smush, Auto Parts Burger King, my prodigious gut, coffee beer, restaurants in an old rail car, Bada Wings, the Armadillo Grill, Tim sharing a bed with me where he dreamed about Trotsky, Michelle not being forced to wait outside the bar for the afterparty this year, Emo Phillips being funnier than he has any right to be, the trough urinals at the Cat’s Cradle, Tim pretending a safety pin was an ice axe and his abcess was Trotsky, frighteningly animated Hochman, surprisingly decent pizza, random people meeting us and wanting to play improv games in the middle of the UNC campus, and, last but not least, getting lost in Baltimore in the dark. Fun times.

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