The Fossil Record: A Blast from DBI’s Past

Before I joined Death By Improv, I was a big fan of Death By Improv (which is not to say I’m not still a fan, I am, but it would be really egotistical of me to come out and say “I’m a huge fan of what I do”, even if I am. I’m a prick, but not that much of a prick”). Y’see, I go way back with DBI, all the way back to the magical autumn of 2004. It was a momentous time for our nation-the Montreal Expos announced that they were moving to Washington for the 2005 season, Belarus approved a constitutional amendment lifting presidential term limits, China had won a remarkable 141 medals at the Paralympic Games, future DBI member Michelle Baker was a high school freshman (Christ I’m old), future other DBI member Eric Lipton was preparing for his 32nd birthday (but not THAT old), and I was entering my second semester at Middlesex County College.

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What’s been going on with DBI?

If you’re anything like the headline to this post, you’ve been wondering what’s going on with DBI? ¬†Well boy howdy, I’ll tell you what’s up with DBI!

First of all, last week we had our January show at the Main Street Theater. If you missed it, you’re shit out of luck…except if you have a working internet connection, which, if you’re reading this, there is a 75% chance you do! Because if you do, you can watch the show over an internet website! Just look a couple inches below for the sweet, sweet improvised goodness!

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