What’s been going on with DBI?

If you’re anything like the headline to this post, you’ve been wondering what’s going on with DBI?  Well boy howdy, I’ll tell you what’s up with DBI!

First of all, last week we had our January show at the Main Street Theater. If you missed it, you’re shit out of luck…except if you have a working internet connection, which, if you’re reading this, there is a 75% chance you do! Because if you do, you can watch the show over an internet website! Just look a couple inches below for the sweet, sweet improvised goodness!

There’s more to this post, but you’ve got to click for more!

I posted all of our upcoming show dates on the site a few weeks ago. You may have noticed that there was no date listed for February.  Unfortunately, Main Street didn’t have a date free for us. That said, if you’re in North Carolina, you can check us out on February 17 at the Arts Center West End in Carrboro! Yep, it’s that time of year, where DBI packs our bags and heads down south, cramming all of our belongings into the back of my Hyundai before realizing we’re only going for a weekend and we’ve hideously overpacked.

Keep checking here, or on our Facebook page, and on the off chance we end up doing anything locally we’ll post it there. I may end up having DBI perform in my backyard just for the hell of it-if I go, get there early, as attendance is limited to 100,000.  Once Hochman gets his Google calendar fixed, we’ll have all of our upcoming shows posted to the right of this very page.

I’d like to congratulate our own Eric Lipton for becoming a dad for the second time. He and his lovely wife welcomed Elliot Benjamin Springer-Lipton on January 14. Mason is now a big brother, and hopefully will one day completely take over a DBI show as hilariously as Mason did several months back.

Lastly, DBI is thrilled to have my business parter, spiritual adviser, and brother from another mother, the Right Rev. Michael J. Farley, with us. Mike has been one of my best friends for the last 13 years (god, I’m old…),  and he’s made me laugh 43,429,081 times since I’ve known him. Mike is a hilarious improviser, and I’m beyond happy to get the chance to play with him. Hopefully you all can see him perform with us in March once we get back from North Carolina.

Lastly (for realsies), beware the Triple Deke.

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