As promised, actual DBI news!

Y’know whats awesome: local businesses. There’s something really cool about discovering a one of a kind, not another like it, honest to god unique establishment, whether it be a store, restaurant, boutique, taxidermist, crematory, urologist, or brothel. They have their own unique flavor, something that cannot be duplicated by a big box store, chain restaurant, nationwide botique, mass market taxidermist, mall crematory, McUrologist…okay, any old brothel is still cool. DBI is proud to support local businesses. In fact, we’re going to be performing in one.

On January 31, DBI will he holding it’s first show at To Be Continued in Metuchen. To Be Continued is an independent bookstore and cafe which is a strong supporter of local arts. DBI fits that bill, because we’re local, and I work with a guy named Art, so they’re letting us in to act stupid in the first of what will hopefully be a monthly gig.

Here’s all the important info:

To Be Continued…431 Main St
Metuchen, NJ

Thursday January 31, 7:30pm $5.00


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