DBI Audtions

Death By Improv is holding open auditions! We are looking to expand our cast by a couple of members.

Think you’re an improv pro? Haven’t done improv in a while? Never done improv, but have always wanted to try it out? ANY EXPERIENCE LEVEL WELCOME. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Are you funny? Do you ‘click’ with DBI? Do you have good energy on stage? and most importantly, are you fun to watch and play with?

Tuesday, February 12
Main Street Theater
3018 Bordentown Ave
Parlin, NJ

Wear comfortable clothes.

If asked to come be a part of DBI, please know going in that we have our rehearsal workshops on Tuesday evenings. shows on some Thursdays and Fridays.

(This post copied almost verbatim from a post in 2010. Go look it up!)


One thought on “DBI Audtions

  1. If you’re serious about imniovrpg both your extemporaneous and your prepared speaking ability not to mention your leadership skills I recommend that after you have finished Tommy Galan’s one-time class that you go to toastmasters.org and find a Toastmasters club near you to visit. Pick a few that are on days, times, and locations convenient to you. Visit a few meetings and decide if you want to commit the TIME to your professional development. The dues are incredibly little.I have known everyone from wallflowers to professional speakers to benefit from active Toastmasters membership in my 34 years in TI. Whenever I have professionally trained speakers through my own business I always tell them I can return quarterly or as often as your company is willing to pay me but whatever they do they should all join Toastmasters. I can train them faster as speakers, but Toastmasters will train them more cost-effectively. Mike Bacon

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