The (Larry) King is dead, long live the (Larry) King

Larry King’s CNN show went off the air last week. It saddened me. Not because it’s sad to see a legendary broadcaster end his run gracefully. Hell no. If Larry wanted to end his career gracefully, he’d have hung up his suspenders fifteen years ago. No, Larry’s career ending saddened me because it means theContinue reading “The (Larry) King is dead, long live the (Larry) King”

Are you ready for some IMPROOOV?!?!

I’m extremely excited about our show tonight at Anthony’s Bar and Grill in South Amboy. We’ve had some really good workshops lately, and I’m very happy with a lot of the stuff we’ve been doing. I know I haven’t been in the troupe long, but I’m very proud of it. The things is, this showContinue reading “Are you ready for some IMPROOOV?!?!”