The 1st Day of Humbug

Well, after Thursday’s delicious thanksgiving feast that I enjoyed, I have officially climbed another 15 points on the BMI index. I feel like I’m a touchdown away from the Guinness Book of World Records.  With the Holidays here, I’m pretty confident I can outweigh Yokozuna by Gainesville. So with my weight spiraling out of control,Continue reading “The 1st Day of Humbug”

Loitering, Dewey Decimal Systems, Fat Perverts…Total Nonfiction!

okay, maybe everything except the Dewey Decimal part. Being newly unemployed and in limbo, I have a lot of free time on my hands. Last night, my braindead (but lovable) friend Emil wanted me to take a ride with him to Clifton. Emil has only three things he cares about, The New York Giants, 50Continue reading “Loitering, Dewey Decimal Systems, Fat Perverts…Total Nonfiction!”

The RIF Made me Feel Good Inside!

What an incredible time! Who needs vacations when you have improv festivals? It kind of sounds weird, but I think I would rather be doing improv in Virginia then to spend a weekend in Miami. The car ride down was a blast, we were funnier on the car ride down then we were in theContinue reading “The RIF Made me Feel Good Inside!”