Free Intro to Improv

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Free Preview class before
Improv Elements
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One Session – no commitment

Improv Comedy Class for Adults.

In our 6 week Improv Elements class, you will learn games and exercises that will teach or strengthen the fundamental skills of improvisational acting and comedy. Learn to create a scene from a simple suggestion, and to play that scene within the games of Short Form Improv. The same games played by many groups world wide, including Death By Improv, and similar in style to those from Whose Line Is It Anyway.

In this one session intro class, you will be introduced to some fun exercises, learn some basic improv concepts, and get a taste of what an improv class generally will be like. If you have fun (and we know you will) then you can sign up for the 6 week class that begins the next week!

This intro class is geared towards total beginners, or to experienced players who want to see what taking a class with DBI is like.
All are welcome.

If you think you are already to commit to a full class, head on over to our Improv Elements page.

Meet Your Instructors

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