Death By Improv in 2015!

Welcome to the year of Back To The Future 2. DBI is glad we’ve all survived the various apocalypses of the last few years, and are eager to bring plenty of laughs to everyone in this brave new world.

And to start, we have an unprecedented amount of shows scheduled. We almost always have a monthly show, but in a rare turn of events, we are happy to announce our entire 2015 schedule at Main Street Theater:

January 23 … February 20 … March 6 … April 10 … May 22 … June 26 … July 17 … August 28 … September 25 … October 9 … November 20 …December 18. All these dates, with links to FB events, can be found on our Shows Page. As always, DBI shows at Main Street Theater are only $5.

BONUS: Check out Jen and Kate of Death By Improv, along with some other former DBI students, in their new all-female improv group FULL STOP. They have a double show Friday January 16th in Summit. Details HERE.